PTA Membership Night

I was out for my walk this evening when I stumbled onto Lincoln Alternative School having their PTA membership drive night.

They were having Movie night out on the playground!


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was about to begin on the big blow-up screen.

Popcorn and memberships were being sold at the first table, then there was a photo op wall and after that fresh hot dogs were being grilled and served alongside of an Ice Cream and candy truck!



You do not have to have a child in school to join or donate to your local PTA, Grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and even the family dog  (ok maybe you shouldn’t really sign up the pets) can join.

PTA is one of the best ways you can get involved in education and show your support.

This lovely warm evening is posted for Skywatch Friday :


Knob Knowledge

Letter K

Be they lowly ones crafted of wood  or those of the finest silver, Knobs are necessary!


Today I bring you a batch of beautiful Bakelite Knobs dating to the 1930s.

The Butterscotch colored ones are my favorites.

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The Alchemy of Water

Early Autumn in Southern California is often filled with hot hazy days of temperatures reaching above the century mark.

The sky remains a shade of tired, washed out dungaree blue.

This Skywatch Friday I sought out a photo of something cool even cold in fact freezing!


This is the Ice House, serving the chilling needs of Corona for most of the last century. I know it has been my go to place to purchase cubes, crushed and blocks of ice all of my life.

The gentleman perched on the porch is Mr. Moffet, he has worked the alchemy of turning water into money most of his life.

He retired this year in his early 90s, not to worry though he found a good new owner for the historic establishment, the tool & machine shop in the same building took over the ice house so nothing is changing in the foreseeable future.

On a hot day the vintage sign painted in frosty blue and white beckons one to swing in off the boulevard to feed quarters into a slide mechanism then await a giant bag of frozen water to race through the unseen interior of the Ice House then out the chute landing with a CLUNK in the iron catch grate for you to take away to chill many beverages or cool an entire picnic in the park!

Skywatch Friday:

Insulated Ice Cream

This drive-thru Dairy  in Southern California offered their customers a way to keep their purchase cold for a few miles at least until they arrived home.

These lined paper bags with advertising for the Dairy on their front and back date from the late 1950s to early 1960s.

Insulated Bags for Ice Cream and other cold dairy items.


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Time & Tense

While I work with the past on a daily basis I consciously choose to remain contemporary to this moment in  time and to actively support an ever expanding future for Humankind as we begin to breach the boundaries of our small blue planet.

Disneyland is a good example of this ever changing path through our galaxy.


Vintage attraction posters and souvenirs take the same space from Flight to The Moon , Rocket to The Moon, Mission to Mars then Space Mountain (which will be undergoing a temporary Star Wars theme very soon!).


The Rocket Ship currently  delivers “Refreshment to a Thirsty Galaxy”

I signed up to send myself, in name at least, to Mars for the second time.


This is going to earn a whole lot of frequent flyer miles!

You too can send your name to the red planet aboard the NASA Insight Mission by visiting them before September 8th 2015 at:

Skywatch Friday is the place where people all over the world look up to share their sky with one another.

H is for History


Holsum bread advertisement still clinging to the wall of this Historic old building in Mayer Arizona. These survivors are known as Ghost Signs and while many are in their natural states of slow deterioration many are now being restored and/or preserved in their present condition by artists, building owners and historic preservationists.

Learn more :

H is for History and that is what this page is all about.

This turned out to be the perfect day to rejoin the blogging community on ABC Wednesday!

I will be focusing on Vintage, Antiques & history  while fitting into themes on Skywatch Friday, ABC Wednesday and more.

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Why Luaubee

Once there really was a “Luaubee” . She was my Great Aunt and when I say Great I do not just mean she was my mother’s aunt first, I mean she was an Awesome Aunt.
The kind who knows just what you need or want and provides that very thing without you ever saying a word.

She traveled often and after a trip to Hawaii in the 1960’s she began to call her sunny Pasadena California rec room a “Lanai” and her Summer parties were all Luau themed events!

Bea Andrews Miller 1945
Bea Andrews Miller 1945 Bremerton WA

She was a kindred spirit and this is my little way of remembering her and sharing her zest for life with the world.

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