Time & Tense

While I work with the past on a daily basis I consciously choose to remain contemporary to this moment in  time and to actively support an ever expanding future for Humankind as we begin to breach the boundaries of our small blue planet.

Disneyland is a good example of this ever changing path through our galaxy.


Vintage attraction posters and souvenirs take the same space from Flight to The Moon , Rocket to The Moon, Mission to Mars then Space Mountain (which will be undergoing a temporary Star Wars theme very soon!).


The Rocket Ship currently  delivers “Refreshment to a Thirsty Galaxy”

I signed up to send myself, in name at least, to Mars for the second time.


This is going to earn a whole lot of frequent flyer miles!

You too can send your name to the red planet aboard the NASA Insight Mission by visiting them before September 8th 2015 at: http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/insight/

Skywatch Friday is the place where people all over the world look up to share their sky with one another.



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