Too Hot for October

The heat is on again in Southern California today, 104 at 2pm which means it may still rise through late afternoon.


Autumn is a state on mind here as much as a season. The weather can flip back and forth from the torrential rain and middle 70s we had only 4 days ago to light blue heat squiggled skies with upwards of 100 degrees today.

I am staying indoors this afternoon, errands and Etsy shop shipments will all happen after the sun goes down.

It will still be in the 90s but at least it won’t actually burn!

Today I am posting a slightly cooler view from a couple weeks ago at the all Woody car show, Wavecrest in Encinitas, CA.

See more of the sky above us all at Sky Watch Friday:


One thought on “Too Hot for October

  1. Oh, wow just when I thought it was hot here today you guys are lots warmer than us. It was 80º in Knoxville with lots of sunny skies over head. I much prefer autumn temps when it’s around 70º and even then when the sun is beating down on us it’s too warm, but I’ll take it. Things will turn drastically cooler by the end of the month, but it won’t be unbearable. That usually comes in January for East Tennessee. Thanks for stopping by. I love your SWF shot! 😀


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