Grizzly Peak


This was an especially pleasant and warm week here in Southern California, the kind we often get in late January. The air will turn cold again soon enough so I made sure to enjoy a visit to Disney’s California Adventure.

Grizzly Peak was particularly inviting so I spent a little time over there with Chip and Dale waving at the folks going by in the Grizzly Rapids rafts.

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Cookie Cutters


Cookie Cutters of tin, steel, plastic and ceramic abound at antique fairs and flea markets.


They are shaped in a wide array of holiday and household themes from the ever popular gingerbread man to zoological Zebras.

Collecting and using vintage cookie cutters is a fun low cost way to collect something enjoyable and share the resulting baked goods with family and friends!

Disneyland Changes Begin

These are a few of the attractions that will be closed while Star Wars land is being built at Disneyland.

Rivers of America is being downsized a little and the Disneyland Railroad re-routed just a bit and this charming Disney Duck, well the ducks are all fine and will just hang out during the construction as usual.

The work is already underway and will continue through 2016.

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Beautiful Buttons


Humans have been fashioning and using buttons on their clothing since they decided to wear clothing!

Primitive humans used bits of bone or wood along with sinew sewn seams to act as toggle like closures.

Buttons of bronze, horn, glass, leather, wood and covered in fabric followed for centuries adorning everything From Boots to ballgowns.


The industrial age and modern machinery brought about a boom in buttons.Carded sets were now available to both the commercial seamstress, garment factories and those who sewed at home.



In the world of antique and vintage goods the term Automobilia covers all those items having to do with cars and their operation. Toy cars are often found in this category of collecting as a cross over from toys especially those intended for the adult collector market .


Other examples include Owners manuals, dealership sales brochures, Manufacturers promotional items, Automobile art, clothing and hats, stickers, patches and all sorts of accessories.