Western Skies

Busy weekend here so this is from last Spring on an antiquing jaunt through Arizona.

Beautiful Springtime Western Skies.


Golden Gambling Ephemera

Vintage Vegas coin cups to hold your nickles, dimes and quarters (oh my!) were once made of paper and the size of a regular drinking cup. These were meant to be used to tote your winnings around the casino in order to feed them back into another one armed bandit then be tossed into the trash on your way out of town.


Gambling memorabilia is another high interest subject in vintage collecting. This category covers everything from antique Wheel of Fortune games dating back hundreds of years up to and including these paper coin cups from the mid 20th century.

Chino Hills State Park

I took these photos last Winter around early March and the hills have remained mostly brown up to this very day. All the green places in these photos belong to the Santa Ana watershed below Prado dam and to Green River Golf Course.

Northwest across Chino Hills State Park
Westerly view down Santa Ana Canyon toward Yorba Linda & Anaheim Hills

There is great probability there will be Springtime green showing very soon due to recent and decent rainfall.

California Poppies are due for a spectacular year of orange carpeting the shoulder of highway 71.

I will try to catch the new refreshed views of a California Springtime in the next month or two. I would love to capture another long, long Santa Fe freight train in the next batch but this one was really a lucky shot and appeared at just the right moment.


Skywatch Friday is great incentive to get out among the wildflowers, thanks to the entire team!  http://skyley.blogspot.com/



Farm Fresh Fruit Crate Labels

Fruit crate labels are one of my favorite forms of illustrative advertising art.



They have so much to convey in one standard size label per crate. They are created to tell a visual story and catch the eye of the produce buyer/bidder even if they are proficient readers.  A buyer could go to market auction and be armed with only the information that the grapes with an airplane were to be avoided and the ones from the packing house with Princess labels were the best right at the moment…simple and effective.


Embroidery & Embellishment

Embroidery and embellishment have long been used not only as a form of art but as a tool of education.

Girls  learned their letters and numbers while creating “samplers” of many embroidery stitches honing their sewing skill as well as their mind.

Ancient robes were sometimes embellished with jewels, stones and precious metals by surrounding them with fine stitchery in order to attach them to a base of sturdy fabric that could then be worn by the owner who not only looked fancy but held his wealth closely for security.


Dye has been coloring our world since time began.


Clothing was dyed to give it color and definition. Artists used dye pigments to create pictures on the stone interiors of caves.

Written records of the use of dyes in China date to 2600 BCE and Alexander the Great mentions “beautiful printed cottons” found in India in his accounts of 327 BCE. By 925 CE Wool Dyers’ Guilds were first established in Germany. In 1856 the first synthetic aniline dye was discovered. During the early 1900’s RIT household Dye was formulated and brought to an eager American market. The timing was perfect since most dye had previously been imported from Germany and World War I was in full swing.

The term “Dyed in the Wool”  refers to wool that is dyed before being spun into thread and/or fabric.The color when dyed this way likely to last a very long time. From this we gather the metaphorical meaning of “dyed in the wool” to be  profoundly & deeply ingrained, not likely to change.