Made it Out to Needles, Groovy

Like the 3 Dog Night song says, I’ve “Never Been  to Spain” but I did visit this well preserved 1970s  7-UP  signage just hanging out, aging (or not) gracefully in place on a side street in Needles California.




Photo from a  Spring trip to Arizona.

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4 thoughts on “Made it Out to Needles, Groovy

  1. Luaubee, Interesting retro sign for 7-Up. I don’t think I’ve seen one like this before. I love seeing vintage commercials signs such as this. Sometimes, we’re fortunate to see old gas station signs somewhere out of the way where time stands still. Thanks for popping over to take a peak at my SWF contribution. It’s nice meeting you!


  2. Great sign, I had forgot all about such signs. Who would have ever thought they would become “vintage.”


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