Mural Memory



Long before it was trendy “street art” this wall mural graced the side of Circle City Auto Parts in Corona.

It is no more, remaining only in the memories of locals. The building was consumed by the new 91/15 freeway construction.


The business which has been a NAPA auto parts has moved a few blocks away, new lanes of an interchange ramp are already directing traffic from the 91 to the 15 and things are generally going well for the 4 year construction schedule now in its third year.

Life is about change but also about learning to take the lessons of the past in order to move forward Fruitfully. Documenting this art that I once enjoyed on a daily basis achieves that goal.


2 thoughts on “Mural Memory

  1. Too bad they are tearing it down. That is a very nice mural. I’ve seen simlar things here in Oklahoma. Nobody seems to care, I am glad you do.


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