Machinist’s Chest

Well crafted of wood or steel Machinist’s chests are designed to safely hold specialty tools.



The top of the line chests were and are made by Gerstner & Sons in Dayton Ohio since 1906. Many other brands are made including Kennedy and Union.

All are works of utility and art in one.

Many survive today while still being used for their original purpose. Many are also storing tools of other trades, brushes and pens for the artist. needles, bobbins and spools for the quilter.



13 thoughts on “Machinist’s Chest

  1. This gives me an idea to show one my husband has. Not quite as big as this, but still it is a treasure. A friend gave it to him–I don’t know where the friend got it.


  2. I saw one similar to this in an antique store in my little village just this past weekend. They’re fascinating!

    abcw team


  3. Janis, my father was a machinist and he had several of these chests, which weighed a ton! Thanks for sharing a treasures from my father’s life, you brought back some fond memories for me. Please come back soon.


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