Skeins, balls and hanks, Yarn is a tactile joy!

5dd2e9305dcabbe74d948b907056c111       A charming old advertisement

Vintage Yarn…yes, this is a thing.

Yarn hoarders (you know who you are) take note this is vintage stuff like fine china, wine or jewelry.



We have seen The Force Awakens a few times and await an influx of X-Wings in the upcoming Star Wars tale Rogue One.



Back in the beginning (1978) there was an X-Wing Fighter in a simple box from Kenner Toys.

The continuing adventures in the Star Wars Galaxy will provide collectors with many years of toy gathering joy.

As much as I love finding a mint in box vintage toy I always suggest that new toys be taken out of their boxes, pulled off their cards and torn free of their bubble enclosures to be played with and properly enjoyed!


As always thanks to the team at ABC Wednesday for their continuing efforts!



Windmills were the Workhorses of Water in the Western United States.


Beginning in the middle 1800’s windmills were used to pump ground water for livestock, humans and to fill the tenders of steam locomotives.


Today windmills serve their original purpose across the world and are also used as decor, yard art and on a greater scale to move wind energy along to power plants.


These are power generating Wind machines near Whitewater in Southern California.

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Vending Machines

Counter top vending machines have a long history of accepting coins and dispensing goods.

I have a few U S Postal Service stamp machines in my own collection as well as a stationary machine that dispenses envelopes. A nice pen or pencil machine is still on my search list!


A big part of finding great vintage pieces is to see the potential to “upcycle” the item into something once again useful, beautiful or fun.

We called it recycling in the ’70s and simply making do before that.