Made it Out to Needles, Groovy

Like the 3 Dog Night song says, I’ve “Never Been  to Spain” but I did visit this well preserved 1970s  7-UP  signage just hanging out, aging (or not) gracefully in place on a side street in Needles California.




Photo from a  Spring trip to Arizona.

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Western Skies

Busy weekend here so this is from last Spring on an antiquing jaunt through Arizona.

Beautiful Springtime Western Skies.

Lake Matthews


Documenting the very low waterline along the shore of Lake Matthews in Riverside California for this Skywatch Friday post.


Much of this water arrives from Northern California and the Colorado River both of which are also experiencing drought conditions along with the rest of the Western United States.

If the forecast of a good strong El Nino condition proves correct this picture will be different in a couple of years as reservoirs and ground water are replenished and the lake returns to its normal depth.

H is for History


Holsum bread advertisement still clinging to the wall of this Historic old building in Mayer Arizona. These survivors are known as Ghost Signs and while many are in their natural states of slow deterioration many are now being restored and/or preserved in their present condition by artists, building owners and historic preservationists.

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H is for History and that is what this page is all about.

This turned out to be the perfect day to rejoin the blogging community on ABC Wednesday!

I will be focusing on Vintage, Antiques & history  while fitting into themes on Skywatch Friday, ABC Wednesday and more.

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