Tank Tags

Tank Tags are a part of the Petroliana category of collecting.


Porcelain or aluminum tags were to be attached to Gasoline and oil storage tanks and/or pumps. Many became station key holders for office and restrooms.

Most date from the 1940s through the 1970s.


Weather Patterns

The quality of light and amount of cloud cover at different times of day has made for some spectacular sunsets, shadow and cloud play over the last couple years.

I was talking to a friend about this and she and I agree it really IS different, in a way that may mean many things.

Is the current El Nino that isn’t really dropping a lot of rain but teasing with clouds and haze 30 miles away at the edge of the Pacific to blame? Maybe.

Is the fact that the smog levels in Southern California are way down from 20-30 years ago responsible for a different colored view? Perhaps.

Are long cycles of global warming and cooling just rolling by and we as tiny humans living in the blink of a cosmic eye are making much of them? Probably.

Cloudy Disney Day

I cannot think of a better way to spend a cloudy drizzly day than to visit Disneyland.

Wet pavement makes everything feel cool and damp even with the temperature in the comfortable low 70s. Springtime means there are lots of ducklings splashing about on every pond, river, lake and canal.

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival was in full swing over in California Adventure with many, many well crafted small plate offerings. My favorite was a little sourdough bread bowl filled with Sharp White cheddar cheese, ale and bacon chowder, it really hit the spot on an overcast afternoon.

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Kitschy Knick Knacks

The definition of Kitsch ( from German language, dating to 1920)  art, objects, items or designs considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality which are sometimes appreciated in an ironic sort of knowing way.
Example: “the lava lamp is an example of sixties kitsch”
Low brow art is full of kitschy characters like Rat Fink, a creation of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

These Finks are extra Kitschy Knick knacks since they are also Bobble heads / Wobblers!

Also since we are on the letter K the header shows the vintage signage of O.H. Kruse Grain!

Made it Out to Needles, Groovy

Like the 3 Dog Night song says, I’ve “Never Been  to Spain” but I did visit this well preserved 1970s  7-UP  signage just hanging out, aging (or not) gracefully in place on a side street in Needles California.




Photo from a  Spring trip to Arizona.

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Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels from Mattel were introduced in 1968 and have remained a favorite toy for kids and collectors alike ever since.

One of the first 16 Hot wheels cars introduced was  Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s creation “The Beatnik Bandit”


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Chino Hills State Park

I took these photos last Winter around early March and the hills have remained mostly brown up to this very day. All the green places in these photos belong to the Santa Ana watershed below Prado dam and to Green River Golf Course.

Northwest across Chino Hills State Park
Westerly view down Santa Ana Canyon toward Yorba Linda & Anaheim Hills

There is great probability there will be Springtime green showing very soon due to recent and decent rainfall.

California Poppies are due for a spectacular year of orange carpeting the shoulder of highway 71.

I will try to catch the new refreshed views of a California Springtime in the next month or two. I would love to capture another long, long Santa Fe freight train in the next batch but this one was really a lucky shot and appeared at just the right moment.


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Farm Fresh Fruit Crate Labels

Fruit crate labels are one of my favorite forms of illustrative advertising art.



They have so much to convey in one standard size label per crate. They are created to tell a visual story and catch the eye of the produce buyer/bidder even if they are proficient readers.  A buyer could go to market auction and be armed with only the information that the grapes with an airplane were to be avoided and the ones from the packing house with Princess labels were the best right at the moment…simple and effective.


Grizzly Peak


This was an especially pleasant and warm week here in Southern California, the kind we often get in late January. The air will turn cold again soon enough so I made sure to enjoy a visit to Disney’s California Adventure.

Grizzly Peak was particularly inviting so I spent a little time over there with Chip and Dale waving at the folks going by in the Grizzly Rapids rafts.

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