International Harvester

Farmall tractors, Pick up trucks, passenger vehicles and even refrigerators and freezers, International Harvester made them all.


WWII era magazine ad for the International Harvester Tractor points out that “The Farmall fights for food!” on the home front.

Last month at a large local antique auto swapmeet I picked up an ash tray assembly for a 1950s International truck for $1 !  I am going to attach it to my workbench to hold tiny nails and such OR…..I might have a very small start on building a vintage truck!


Made it Out to Needles, Groovy

Like the 3 Dog Night song says, I’ve “Never Been  to Spain” but I did visit this well preserved 1970s  7-UP  signage just hanging out, aging (or not) gracefully in place on a side street in Needles California.




Photo from a  Spring trip to Arizona.

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Golden Gambling Ephemera

Vintage Vegas coin cups to hold your nickles, dimes and quarters (oh my!) were once made of paper and the size of a regular drinking cup. These were meant to be used to tote your winnings around the casino in order to feed them back into another one armed bandit then be tossed into the trash on your way out of town.


Gambling memorabilia is another high interest subject in vintage collecting. This category covers everything from antique Wheel of Fortune games dating back hundreds of years up to and including these paper coin cups from the mid 20th century.



In the world of antique and vintage goods the term Automobilia covers all those items having to do with cars and their operation. Toy cars are often found in this category of collecting as a cross over from toys especially those intended for the adult collector market .


Other examples include Owners manuals, dealership sales brochures, Manufacturers promotional items, Automobile art, clothing and hats, stickers, patches and all sorts of accessories.