Vintage Postcards are a fun collectible for any age. They cover a wide range of subjects and  while some postcards are valued in the hundreds of dollars many can be purchased for less than a quarter.


Holiday greetings and vacation spots are among the most popular of Postcards.

These examples are from my personal collection of unusual Thanksgiving Postcards.


Cookie Cutters


Cookie Cutters of tin, steel, plastic and ceramic abound at antique fairs and flea markets.


They are shaped in a wide array of holiday and household themes from the ever popular gingerbread man to zoological Zebras.

Collecting and using vintage cookie cutters is a fun low cost way to collect something enjoyable and share the resulting baked goods with family and friends!

H is for History


Holsum bread advertisement still clinging to the wall of this Historic old building in Mayer Arizona. These survivors are known as Ghost Signs and while many are in their natural states of slow deterioration many are now being restored and/or preserved in their present condition by artists, building owners and historic preservationists.

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H is for History and that is what this page is all about.

This turned out to be the perfect day to rejoin the blogging community on ABC Wednesday!

I will be focusing on Vintage, Antiques & history  while fitting into themes on Skywatch Friday, ABC Wednesday and more.

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