Cloudy Disney Day

I cannot think of a better way to spend a cloudy drizzly day than to visit Disneyland.

Wet pavement makes everything feel cool and damp even with the temperature in the comfortable low 70s. Springtime means there are lots of ducklings splashing about on every pond, river, lake and canal.

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival was in full swing over in California Adventure with many, many well crafted small plate offerings. My favorite was a little sourdough bread bowl filled with Sharp White cheddar cheese, ale and bacon chowder, it really hit the spot on an overcast afternoon.

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Made it Out to Needles, Groovy

Like the 3 Dog Night song says, I’ve “Never Been  to Spain” but I did visit this well preserved 1970s  7-UP  signage just hanging out, aging (or not) gracefully in place on a side street in Needles California.




Photo from a  Spring trip to Arizona.

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Chino Hills State Park

I took these photos last Winter around early March and the hills have remained mostly brown up to this very day. All the green places in these photos belong to the Santa Ana watershed below Prado dam and to Green River Golf Course.

Northwest across Chino Hills State Park
Westerly view down Santa Ana Canyon toward Yorba Linda & Anaheim Hills

There is great probability there will be Springtime green showing very soon due to recent and decent rainfall.

California Poppies are due for a spectacular year of orange carpeting the shoulder of highway 71.

I will try to catch the new refreshed views of a California Springtime in the next month or two. I would love to capture another long, long Santa Fe freight train in the next batch but this one was really a lucky shot and appeared at just the right moment.


Skywatch Friday is great incentive to get out among the wildflowers, thanks to the entire team!



Grizzly Peak


This was an especially pleasant and warm week here in Southern California, the kind we often get in late January. The air will turn cold again soon enough so I made sure to enjoy a visit to Disney’s California Adventure.

Grizzly Peak was particularly inviting so I spent a little time over there with Chip and Dale waving at the folks going by in the Grizzly Rapids rafts.

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The Alchemy of Water

Early Autumn in Southern California is often filled with hot hazy days of temperatures reaching above the century mark.

The sky remains a shade of tired, washed out dungaree blue.

This Skywatch Friday I sought out a photo of something cool even cold in fact freezing!


This is the Ice House, serving the chilling needs of Corona for most of the last century. I know it has been my go to place to purchase cubes, crushed and blocks of ice all of my life.

The gentleman perched on the porch is Mr. Moffet, he has worked the alchemy of turning water into money most of his life.

He retired this year in his early 90s, not to worry though he found a good new owner for the historic establishment, the tool & machine shop in the same building took over the ice house so nothing is changing in the foreseeable future.

On a hot day the vintage sign painted in frosty blue and white beckons one to swing in off the boulevard to feed quarters into a slide mechanism then await a giant bag of frozen water to race through the unseen interior of the Ice House then out the chute landing with a CLUNK in the iron catch grate for you to take away to chill many beverages or cool an entire picnic in the park!

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