Windmills were the Workhorses of Water in the Western United States.


Beginning in the middle 1800’s windmills were used to pump ground water for livestock, humans and to fill the tenders of steam locomotives.


Today windmills serve their original purpose across the world and are also used as decor, yard art and on a greater scale to move wind energy along to power plants.


These are power generating Wind machines near Whitewater in Southern California.

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International Harvester

Farmall tractors, Pick up trucks, passenger vehicles and even refrigerators and freezers, International Harvester made them all.


WWII era magazine ad for the International Harvester Tractor points out that “The Farmall fights for food!” on the home front.

Last month at a large local antique auto swapmeet I picked up an ash tray assembly for a 1950s International truck for $1 !  I am going to attach it to my workbench to hold tiny nails and such OR…..I might have a very small start on building a vintage truck!