Zoological prints

Vintage Zoological prints abound in shops and flea markets.



There is something for everyone in every price range and size.

Whew! Made it to letter Z once again on ABC Wednesday!

Starting a busy, busy Summer and Fall ahead and I may not be here every single week but I will be continuing with all things vintage, their repair, their stories and our love of collecting!



Windmills were the Workhorses of Water in the Western United States.


Beginning in the middle 1800’s windmills were used to pump ground water for livestock, humans and to fill the tenders of steam locomotives.


Today windmills serve their original purpose across the world and are also used as decor, yard art and on a greater scale to move wind energy along to power plants.


These are power generating Wind machines near Whitewater in Southern California.

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A big part of finding great vintage pieces is to see the potential to “upcycle” the item into something once again useful, beautiful or fun.

We called it recycling in the ’70s and simply making do before that.

Tank Tags

Tank Tags are a part of the Petroliana category of collecting.


Porcelain or aluminum tags were to be attached to Gasoline and oil storage tanks and/or pumps. Many became station key holders for office and restrooms.

Most date from the 1940s through the 1970s.

Farm Fresh Fruit Crate Labels

Fruit crate labels are one of my favorite forms of illustrative advertising art.



They have so much to convey in one standard size label per crate. They are created to tell a visual story and catch the eye of the produce buyer/bidder even if they are proficient readers.¬† A buyer could go to market auction and be armed with only the information that the grapes with an airplane were to be avoided and the ones from the packing house with Princess labels were the best right at the moment…simple and effective.


Embroidery & Embellishment

Embroidery and embellishment have long been used not only as a form of art but as a tool of education.

Girls¬† learned their letters and numbers while creating “samplers” of many embroidery stitches honing their sewing skill as well as their mind.

Ancient robes were sometimes embellished with jewels, stones and precious metals by surrounding them with fine stitchery in order to attach them to a base of sturdy fabric that could then be worn by the owner who not only looked fancy but held his wealth closely for security.

The Alchemy of Water

Early Autumn in Southern California is often filled with hot hazy days of temperatures reaching above the century mark.

The sky remains a shade of tired, washed out dungaree blue.

This Skywatch Friday I sought out a photo of something cool even cold in fact freezing!


This is the Ice House, serving the chilling needs of Corona for most of the last century. I know it has been my go to place to purchase cubes, crushed and blocks of ice all of my life.

The gentleman perched on the porch is Mr. Moffet, he has worked the alchemy of turning water into money most of his life.

He retired this year in his early 90s, not to worry though he found a good new owner for the historic establishment, the tool & machine shop in the same building took over the ice house so nothing is changing in the foreseeable future.

On a hot day the vintage sign painted in frosty blue and white beckons one to swing in off the boulevard to feed quarters into a slide mechanism then await a giant bag of frozen water to race through the unseen interior of the Ice House then out the chute landing with a CLUNK in the iron catch grate for you to take away to chill many beverages or cool an entire picnic in the park!

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